What we do

We partner with companies to automate process and unlock growth opportunities by deploying customized artificial intelligence applications.

Our Approach

Our team works tirelessly to understand your business operations, business strategy and goals to help you develop a sustainable and growth focus AI strategy. We then move swiftly to leverage your data to train our AI models to drive maximum value for your organization.

Our Products

Highly customizable and powerful content exploration and log analytics tools


You have the text data, we have the text analytics technology you need to make sense of it. With multiple filters and detailed visualizations, it's easy to harness the power of TeX and to super-boost your business strategy.


A cost-effective critical event toolset with machine-learning and AI-derived anomaly detection features. It is the perfect solution for real-time anomaly monitoring, transactional and forensic auditing.

TeX and TimeX are highly customizable to deliver the value
that you expect and that will enable you to compete in your industry.


Analyze massive amounts of unstructured content

  • Combines the power of linguistics and statistics in order to provide the best possible data extraction capabilities.
  • Works with any type of data sources, files, databases and messaging systems.
  • Third party systems integration ready.
  • Allows parallel runs and flexible processing.
  • Provided insights could be customized through various filters.


Monitor data and discover anomalies

  • Based on open source frameworks, combined with high performance analytics algorithms and data aggregation and integration pipelines.
  • Provides real-time anomaly monitoring and transactional/forensic auditing.
  • Has scalable, standards-based architecture.

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